John L Broome CBE

John Broome

Non-Executive Director

John L Broome CBE is widely recognised as a person who has made the single most significant contribution to the British Leisure Industry. Through his innovation and leadership in the development of theme parks such as Alton Towers, Trentham Garden and Carden Park, as well as his role at the English Tourist Board and British Tourist Authority combined with various Governmental working parties and quangos, he has become a highly respected and experienced individual.

John Broome, has been granted planning permission to start building Camel Creek, the UK’s first six-star luxury resort. The resort will include 50 treehouses and more than 100 villas on the 90-acre site. John also has a formidable reputation in the United States and various parts of the world as a leading consultant in his field. Battersea Power Station was one of John’s most prolific projects. By restoring and under-pinning the entire building, he made it safe for the surrounding community and preserved it for future regeneration. Despite the recession, John still managed to successfully sell the structure, and it is now widely recognised as one of Britain’s most iconic buildings.

Throughout his business career he has demonstrated a great commitment to education at all levels and accepted an academic post with the University of Sunderland as a visiting professor of Themed Leisure Management; a business degree course. This continues his interest in bringing education and the leisure industry closer together in a mutually supportive context, through undergraduate, post-graduate and research programmes that will provide more highly qualified personnel than currently exist for the British Leisure Industry. He is also involved with many charities including serving on the main Board of the NCH (National Children’s Home). Public recognition of his national stature in his field was formally acknowledged in 1987, when he was awarded the CBE, and in 1998 when he was made Freeman of the City of London.