The Mayfair Hotel

Corporate Presentation Evening

On the 14th September 2017, Imperial Corporate Capital PLC held its second quarterly event at the prestigious Mayfair Hotel in London. This spectacular venue provided a platform for the Company to showcase its offerings and objectives for the future.

Upon arrival, guests were welcomed with a delightful quartet which created a stunning ambience that flowed throughout the venue. Canapés and a champagne reception were offered to guests as they walked through into the Atrium, which provided an opportunity to network with some of the UK’s most prestigious entrepreneurs.

Summary of the Night

High net-worth individuals, including ICC’s established Board of Directors, attended the event as well as guests from overseas. The Corporate Presentation was held in the Danzinger Suite in the heart of the building.

Despite over 100 people attending, the suite housed additional guests comfortably, with more and more people arriving as the speakers began their final preparations. Among a handful of our own Board of Directors, other speakers included Will Broome & Nick Clegg, former Deputy Prime Minister of the United Kingdom & Lord President of the Council as the guest speaker.

Guest Speakers

The presentation was opened by Imperial Corporate’s Chief Operating Officer Mr Craig Chislett, followed by an insightful Company overview from Non-Executive Director Mr David Kass, who also highlighted the Company’s previous developments and proposed acquisitions for the future including the new Ravensbourne Rivers development in Bromley.

This exciting project was re-visited in more detail by Carl Francis, one of the world’s top 10 architects and Imperial Corporate Capital PLC’s Architect & Design Director. Carl delivered a flawless presentation showcasing his portfolio and how he plans to utilise his expertise to push the Ravensbourne Rivers development into fruition (with the help of ICC’s investors).

Shortly afterward, Will Broome, Marketing Director for Camel Creek Limited, presented a new project called Camel Creek in partnership with Imperial Corporate. The proposed scheme will be the UK’s first 6-Star resort with state-of-the-art apartments and facilities to accommodate a truly world-class holiday experience. The evening was concluded by Former Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, who expressed his positivity toward the Company and the necessity of its new developments in London’s current housing crisis.


A short Awards Ceremony followed the presentation, led again by Mr David Kass, in order to reward the dedication of the Company’s most senior agents and employees. This seemed to come as somewhat of a surprise to the individuals who were given awards.

Among the recipients were: Mrs Linda Ma, Mrs Jacqueline Wang & Mr Tim Blair for their dedication & outstanding excellence; and to the ICC team including Mr Carl Francis for his architectural influence & expertise, Mr Davinder Sehra, Mr Craig Chislett & Mr Adhum Carter Wolde-Lule for their outstanding efforts and contributions to the Company.

The Aftermath

Overall, the evening turned out to be a huge success, as were the additional glasses of champagne on offer as people exited the suite into the Atrium for another hour of networking. As the evening drew to a close, everyone seemed to be excited to follow the progress of the Company’s new developments and how they will help address the current housing shortage in the UK for the future.

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