Ian Hunter

Ian Hunter

Chief Marketing Officer

Ian Hunter’s Digital Marketing and Communications Consultancy works closely with clients inbound into the UK.

Ian was originally trained and educated to take up a senior role in the publishing industry but joined Sir M MacDonald & Partners (now Mott MacDonald) as the first marketing and communications specialist in Consulting Civil Engineering. During his role, he specialised in submissions for significant civil engineering projects across the world.

With the collapse of the property sector in 2009 Ian returned to the world of digital communication and commerce. He held the position of Head of Commercial Services for IMRG (the association representing online retailers), where he generated membership growth and revenues by 40% through the recession. As a result, he is considered a digital commerce specialist.

Ian’s digital marketing and communications consultancy works closely with clients inbound into the UK. His digital publishing activities include two publications, one in eCommerce and the second in Travel and Leisure. With his extensive international experience and background in major engineering projects, Ian became an advisor to leading property developers through Europe and further afield.