littlehithe aerial view

New details on the Little Hithe Development

ICC is proud to release new details on an exciting housing development proposed in the heart of Greenhithe, Littlehithe. The proposed scheme aims to provide 187 residential units comprising of a mix of one, two and three-bedroom apartments with associated parking.

The development will be set within an attractive landscaped setting and provide a high-quality environment offering residents direct access to Greenhithe Train Station via a new platform link. Considering the benefits this will have on the Greenhithe community, planners are already giving Littlehithe strong recommendation for approval.

As well as supporting improvements to the local highway network, the development boasts several economic and communal benefits that far outweigh any level of uncertainty towards its impact on the local community.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Improved Area Accessibility
  • Better Transport Connectivity
  • Helping to create a sustainable environment
  • Contributing to the Economy
  • Reviving the local Community

Vehicular Access to the Littlehithe development

The site will primarily be accessed via the existing access location on the A226 London Road in the form of a priority junction. The vehicular access continues to the northern part of the side where the vehicular access to car park level -1 and -2 is located.

The proposal will include basement levels for secure parking for 237 cars, as well as 12 surface visitor car park spaces, which all will help avoid congestion around the site.

Pedestrian Access to the Site

Pedestrian and cycle accesses are proposed to either side of the access junction. These footways will follow the access road through the site and onto the proposed podium level, providing level access to both residential apartment blocks.

Pedestrian Access Link to Greenhithe Station

The scheme includes land safeguarded and delivered for a publicly accessible pedestrian link and cyclist connection to Greenhithe Railway Station, located on the western boundary. The link will promote better connectivity and accessibility for the existing and future residents of the development and in the nearby area.

The footpath to London Road is proposed to be widened to 1.8m to the southern boundary of the site, to further improve safety for pedestrians.

littlehithe artist impression

Transport Connectivity

The proposed scheme will provide the opportunity for people to have immediate access to public transport (with a new link to Greenhithe Station) enabling residents to commute across London and Kent. Greenhithe is strategically located close to the A2 and M25, which provide good links to the London bound and Kent bound motorway and strategic road network and inter-linking to the UK’s wider motorway system.

The A226 London Road located to the south of the site provides a connection between Northfleet and the A282 / Dartford Crossing, which in turn links to the A2 and to the county of Essex.

Environmental Impact

Roof terraces at Littlehithe will be located to each floor as the building storeys tier up the building. The roof terraces will also be privately accessible to the apartment they adjoin. An area of green roof will be located immediately in front of the roof terraces, offering visual amenity to residents looking out onto the roofs.

Photovoltaic cells are positioned on the top roof to reduce the energy consumption of the building. They are orientated to face south, and as such, do not have a visual impact on the scheme.

The site will also feature communal gardens, a large area of green space helping to support existing wildlife in the area.

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